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"feeling loved and valued gave me a sense of freedom. I wanted others to feel that too."



It all started with a graphic design project in college. I wanted to create some visuals that described my personality, so I surveyed my friends and family, asking them to name words they thought described me. From there I created and icon for each of the most popular words. When I stepped back to look at it, I was impacted by the visual representation that was me.



Perspective can be life changing. Having that visual reminder of what other people saw in me truly helped me not only create a mosaic that represented my personality traits for that design project, it helped me discover and embrace who I truly was. This visual representation made me feel strong in my identity and showed me how unique I am. I felt a sense of freedom.



This epiphany in my life was too big not to share! I knew I needed to share this idea somehow. I wanted to give others that same experience of embracing their identity, of feeling unique, of feeling value and worth. This is when I thought of Jewelry, as a way to wear who you are and represent your personality. That's how Pieces of Me was born.



Pieces of Me is the culmination of my story, from a school design project to an accessories brand. My commitment is to give you quality pieces that allow you to put your unique personality on display. Sometimes your Pieces of Me will give others a glimpse into your individuality. Other times it will remind you of your strengths and keep you inspired and encouraged. Either way, Pieces of Me is not really about my story, its about yours. 

-Pieces of Me Founder