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    Blush and yellow no-touch keychain tools

    The new must-have to

    keep you SAFE. 

    Avoid germ transmission from shared surfaces

    For every 2 “Don’t Touch That!” keychains you purchase, get a FREE keychain charm or wristlet key fob of your choice. Mix and match gifts when you buy more keychains!

    How it works

    Used to open doors
    Used to push buttons

    Every purchase of the “Don’t Touch That!” keychain helps benefit the Center for Disease Philanthropy (CDP) COVID- 19 Disaster Relief. They have four ways they are supporting these efforts 

     - Supplying gowns, masks, gloves and other PPE

    - Supporting food banks

    - Grants and support to small businesses to strengthen local economies

    - Supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals

    Yellow and aqua no-touch keychains
    Gold no-touch tool with black tassel

    Choose your style

    Gallery of "Don't Touch That" keychain options in black, yellow, blush pink, and aqua