You were sent this link because we're currently seeking to partner with individuals like yourself to promote our brand on Instagram in exchange for free product. We like to say that we're reimagining personalized jewelry. We have cuff bracelets and necklaces, all stamped with our unique personality trait icons. All products are made in the USA and we're completely different than other jewelry lines, allowing individuals to truly wear who they are.

In exchange for our product we'd like you to post 2-3 dedicated posts not only sharing a photo of the product/brand, but also dedicating your caption to telling your viewers about Pieces of Me. We've found this is absolutely crucial for the posts to grow our brand awareness! The first post should be within 2 weeks of receiving product, and post 2/3 can be within the following month. 

Like what you see? If you are ready for the next steps, click through and fill out this collaboration form where you will enter your cuff of choice and shipping address!

We'll get your Pieces of Me out to you right away, and send you some touchpoints to consider when crafting your posts!